The present organ is a fine example of the work of Harrison & Harrison. It was built in 1917 when the firm was under the direction of Arthur Harrison. This instrument is one of only four constructed in that year, as many of the skilled craftsmen were involved in the Great War. The simplicity of the case design reflects the austere times.

The organ replaced a previous instrument built by Forster and Andrews from 1871. The organ has three manuals and pedals. The Swell and Choir devisions are both enclosed.

The organ originally had exhaust-pneumatic action, but was electrified by Cousins in 1980. Three stops were prepared for but were never installed: Pedal Ophicleide (16'), Great Mixture (Harmonics) and Great Clarion (4').  We would like to complete the project.



The organ needs an overhaul and urgent repair. Disaster struck on Palm Sunday this year when smoke was discovered coming from the organ blower. These works have added to the ones we already had planned.

The good news is that the works to renovate the organ have now begun (1st August 2016) and so it will be out of action, hopefully returning in full voice in time for Christmas.

You can help by sponsoring a pipe.

Funds are still needed for the project and you can help by sponsoring a pipe - please use click here to download the leaflet. From the smallest flute to the largest trombone, whatever you can afford will help us enormously and be gratefully received. You can donate online via paypal by clicking here. Please send donations to: The Church Office, St John's Church, Church Street, Peterborough PE1 1XB.

Cheques payable to 'St John's PCC'.

Thank you.





1   Open Wood 16'

2   Geigen (from 14) 16'

3   Sub Bass 16'

4   Octave Wood (from 1) 8'

5   Flute (from 3) 8'


Choir (enclosed)

7   Lieblich Bourdon 16'

8   Viola da Gamba 8'

9   Clafibel Flute 4'

10 Concert Flute 4'

11 Viol d'Orchestre 4 original 8' transposed (1980)

12 Piccolo 2'

13 Clarinet 8'

Great Reed on Choir



14 Gross Geigen 16'

15 Large Open Diapason 8'

16 Small Open Diapason 8'

17 Hohl Flute 8'

18 Stopped Diapason 8'

19 Octave 4'

20 Harmonic Flute 4'

21 Octave Quint 2 2/3

22 Super Octave 2'

24 Tromba 8'


Swell (enclosed)

26 Open Diapason 8'

27 Lieblich Gedect 8'

28 Echo Gamba 8'

29 Voix Celeste 8'

30 Gemshorn 4'

31 Mixture III 15.19.22

32 Double Trumpet 16'

33 Trumpet 8'

34 Hautboy 8'

35 Clarion 4

36 Tremulent



6 thumb pistons to Great

6 thumb pistons to Swell (duplicated by toe pistons)

6 thumb pistons to Choir

6 toe pistons to Pedal

Reversible thumb piston for Gt-Pd (duplicated by toe piston), Ch-Pd, Sw-Pd and Sw-Gt (duplicated by toe piston); Pedal to Great pistons.

Balanced Swell and Choir pedals.


Further Details can be found at the National Pipe Organ Register Website: