Arranging Baptisms/Christenings


Baptism (Christening) is a moment of celebration and commitment.  For infants and children we celebrate their arrival and the new life joining the family.  Parents and those who will be responsible for them as they grow make a commitment about how they are going to bring them up as followers of Jesus Christ - seeking to live like him and for him.

Adults who come for baptism say this for themselves.  There is still a celebration as a way of life is embraced and affirmed.

All of us belong to a network of relationships from our closest family, through the extended family to friends and neighbours.  In baptism we become part of a world-wide network of people who follow Jesus Christ, the Church. This family provides support and companionship as we journey in faith, hope and love.



The Church of England's ministry is rooted in local communities and areas that each church serves. These areas are called parishes.  This gives us a responsibility and privilege to baptise all who live in this area who ask for it.  We welcome all from this parish for baptism, including those who regularly attend worship here but live in another parish, or who have a link with us.

Because baptism indicates a desire to bring children up in the Christian faith, it is important there is a connection with the church community where that faith is to be formed and nurtured.  This is because baptism is not supposd to be an isolated event, but part of a journey of faith in which worshipping in the church will be an important ingredient now and in the furutre.  We therefore need anyone who does not live in the parish or have a link with us to form one before we can baptise a child - we will need the good will of the home parish and if there is no connection here it will be difficult to explain why the baptism is proposed to take place here. In those circumstances we will encourage the family to approach the church in the parish where they live.


When does the service take place?

Baptisms (Christenings) are usually conducted on Sunday and take place within the Eucharist Service.


If you don't already come to church, now would be a good time to start. We aim to make parents and children welcome and provide for their needs. 



To enquire about baptism please contact us and one of the clergy will be in touch to talk about it further.



Adults asking about baptism may feel they want to explore Confirmation at the same time. This is where we affirm for ourselves the things that were said on our behalf at baptism as a child. Some may not feel ready for this and prefer to pursue baptism on its own at this stage. One of the clergy will be happy to talk this through with you.