Funerals in Church


When someone dies there is a lot to be done in a short period of time, precisely when we don't feel like it all. The key person to help you make arrangements for a funeral is the Funeral Director. We work regularly with all of the funeral directors in Peterborough and the surrounding area. If you would like the service to take place in this church ask the funeral director to contact us to make the arrangements.

Because of our location we will have to check other events taking place, both inside the church and outside, and the City Council work with us to ensure that the service is able to take place. They will arrange for access through the pedestrianised area and ensure that the service is not disrupted by any events or contractors working in the City Centre.



Funerals at the Crematorium or Cemetery


If you would like one of the church clergy to conduct a funeral at the Crematorium or Cemetery, please ask the funeral director to contact us. It helps us if we are asked before the date is finalised, so that we can make sure we are available.


What will happen?


Once we have been asked to conduct a funeral the clergy person taking the service will contact you so that we can meet to talk about the service. If an Order of Service is to be printed we will advise on the order it needs to be in.

We have a lot of experience in making sure that this is personalised so that it reflects the person who has died and helps the bereaved. The Church of England services allow a lot of scope for this and provide good resources for us to draw on.



Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance


Every year, around November, we hold a service to remember those who have died. This includes an opportunity for their name to be read out in the prayers and to light a candle as a sign of our hope in Jesus Christ.  We will write to you to invite you to this. You are welcome to bring friends and other members of your family who would like to attend.